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Are there any flashing lights, Smoke or is strobe lighting used?


Yes, our attraction does feature flashing lights, strobes and special effects. We also use smoke effects in the attraction. If you have any conditions that may be affected by these factors, we strongly advise against visiting.


Is there an age restriction?


Our age recommendation is 16yr +, however we will allow anyone aged 12yrs + in the attraction as long as anyone aged between 12 to 17yrs old is accompanied by an adult.

Entry to Enola is strictly for ages 18+ only!

How many people can enter in a group?

We dispatch groups of between 8-10 depending on times. We may dispatch in smaller groups but this is at the discretion of the attraction management and dispatch manager. The reason we do this is firstly for safety and secondly for the best guest experience. (example: you may book for a group of 12 but your group will be split in to two groups of 6 or whatever size works best at the time for the best experience, groups may also be mixed with other guests groups)


Is there wheelchair access?

At present there is no wheelchair access in the attraction however the site is wheelchair accessible. The attraction itself consists of small spaces and uneven floors.


Are there any group discounts available?

Yes, if you contact the box office team and they will be happy to assist you with a code for booking 15+ people in one transaction.


Are there any live actors?

Yes, our attraction runs with live actors, who's job it is to scare you! This may include very close contact and touching. All actors are trained to the highest standard and only ever do anything safely and controlled.


Do you have a disabled toilet?

Yes, we do have a disabled toilet.


I have not received my confirmation email or tickets?

Your confirmation email and tickets will be sent to the email address you provided upon checkout, please make sure this is correct. If so, sometimes these emails can end up in your spam folder.

If after 24hours you still have not received your tickets, please give our team a call and they will be happy to help.



Can I take photos and videos?

You may take as many pictures or videos in the grounds of the attraction, however, you are NOT permitted to take any photos or videos inside the attraction. If you are caught doing so, you maybe removed.


Can I bring a bag?

We advise against bringing bags with you as we do not have a cloak room facility and you will not be allowed to take bags or luggage into the attraction. Bags will be subject to a search upon entry to the attraction grounds.


Can I bring my own food or drink?

We do not allow any food or drink to be brought onto the site. We do however have our on site food facility selling a choice of hot and cold food and beverages as well as our fully licensed bar.


Can you pay by card on site?

Yes, we offer a cashless option for all our outlets on site.


Is there any where to park?

We do have a small car park, but this will usually be full very quickly. You can park on the street for free. Please check local signs for times. There is also a retail park (Crown Wharf Retail Park) only a 2 min walk away from us, parking charges and times may vary, please see car park information boards.

How long does it take to go through the attraction?

We can only give an approximate time as groups can move quicker or slower than others, however we estimate around 25mins. This does not include any other time such as queueing or using any other of our facilities. We always recommend you leave yourselves enough time during your visit to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy our onsite facilities. Your booked time slot is only the arrival time and NOT the time you will enter the attraction. We will always try to get guests in to the attraction as close to this time as possible but please expect to queue. 


No alcohol to be brought on site (Bag searches are in operation). We have a bar serving a selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.


Dress for the weather, as we know this time of year can be very cold or wet and not all of the queue is covered, however we do our best to make sure your not standing out in the rain. Wear the correct footwear! Do not turn up in flip flops or high heals, for your safety you will not be permitted to enter the attraction as there are many uneven floors.


Grab your tickets online, its cheaper and we wouldn't want you turning up and being turned away because we are fully booked. We do our best to keep gate tickets available but these can be snapped up pretty quick too. If you do just turn up, please do not expect to jump straight into the attraction.


Safety is paramount for our guests and staff, anyone found to be causing any issues or mistreating anyone including our actors, will be removed by security and depending on how serious the incident is, may be arrested by security and held until the police arrive. So BEHAVE!


Of course we encourage guests to dress up for the Halloween season, but please be aware that masks and hand held items will not be allowed in the area or attraction. Leave the scare acting to the professional monsters!


Take as many photos outside the attraction as you wish, but once inside you are not allowed to use your phones or Go Pro's. You will also not be permitted to take any food or drinks inside either, so make sure you leave enough time to eat before or after you have been in the attraction.


We are not party poopers and we know some of you may want a light tipple before entering the attraction to settle your nerves, however if our staff find anyone to be abusing the opportunity to buy an alcoholic drink before entering the attraction, you are more than likely to be refused entry! We operate a two drink policy, so you can purchase two alcoholic beverages before entering the attraction but as soon as your tickets are stamped, you will not be served anymore until you have been through the attraction. Some like a drink, no one likes a drunk!


Please be prepared to queue at busy periods, we will always do our best to get you in to the attraction as soon as we can, but we like to make sure every group gets the best and same show as the last. This is only possible by leaving a set gap between entry times and though sometimes it may seem like the queue is not moving, it is! But we are making sure you all get the same best experience possible. From time-to-time technical problems can occur but we will always keep you informed. 

We always want to try and make sure you will enter the attraction with your group, however this may not always be possible if you have a large group. We usually dispatch groups between 8 - 10 people maximum. This is to make sure everyone gets the full experience plus for health a safety reasons we would not be able to allow groups any bigger to enter the attraction. We have a new dispatching system which means you will queue as usual and then be asked to step in for a photo and then placed in to a bay before starting your experience. This is to keep queue times down to a minimum. Don't worry, you will still be entering the attraction in the same order and at the same time as you would if you were just queueing outside. It is not "another" queue line. 

Our less busy nights will typically be the week day nights or the first week we are open.

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