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Enola - The Experience 

Currently Unavailable
Enola is not running at this time.
We plan to have this open as soon as we can.
Please note that Enola is not part of your general admission ticket.


This is NOT a scare maze, this is only for those who believe they are brave enough to face the sick, twisted, weird and strange. You will leave wondering "WTF have I just experienced".


It's time to check in for your appointment at the Enola Clinic. Everyone wants to live life on a high from time to time and at this clinic, a new drug is being trialled. Will you get the desired effect and feel euphoric? Chances are, your in for a "bad trip" like no other!

This is an up-charge attraction and is NOT included in your admission ticket to Christmasacre. Tickets are extremely limited per night and are subject to availability. To enter, you MUST be at least 18yrs of age, MUST NOT be under the influence of ANY alcohol or drugs and you MUST sign a waiver! ID may be required to purchase a ticket. Entry may be refused without warning or reason and will always be for the safety of guests and staff. Enola contains scenes of a sexual nature and scenes/acts that may offend.


You must be physically fit to take part in the experience with no medical conditions such as cardiac (heart) issues or issues that limits your ability to crawl, be physically moved, hold your breath, have allergies to latex amongst other limitations. You will enter ALONE! Tickets are £16pp.

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